About us

A 30 Year Family Tradition...Made with Love.
This 30+year tradition has been a favorite of the Sparks family of Albany, New York, who raised five daughters that share the love of baking. The basic recipe from a family friend was the inspiration for the butter cookie that you enjoy today.  While the “Sparks Girls” are locally known for baking many specialties, this simple butter cookie was what everyone looked forward to every holiday season no matter what else was being served! 

The youngest daughter, Sonya, graduated with a Business degree from Howard University and shortly afterwards relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment and event planning.  She always baked during off hours and sold several dessert items, including “Aunt Edna’s Butter Cookies” through her first home-based business, Brown Sugar Desserts & Catering.  Soon, motherhood, life and hectic work schedules put baking on the back burner for several years. Over the years, loyal customers and celebrity clients would ask, “When can I get more of those cookies?”  “Are you still making those cookies?”  These constant requests became the moniker of the current brand, Thoze Cookies!

When sister Donna “Oasis” Sparks, a baker, boutique owner and ultimate creative spirit, decided to move to LA from NYC to partner in the business, it presented the perfect opportunity to bring this cherished product out of the oven and give it new life.  The response has been amazing! Production quickly moved from home based to commercial kitchen, and new locations to get your share of Thoze Cookies! are “Popping up” often!  

Experience the simple deliciousness made with pure, all natural ingredients and you’ll quickly be asking for more, whether as the backdrop of your holidays, special occasions or corporate events, Thoze Cookies! are the perfect treat.  They’re great with hot beverages, ice cream, fruit & yogurt or dipped in just about anything.

Our family is proud to share this tradition with you and your loved ones! More and more people are discovering the joy of our cookies and we couldn’t be happier. We plan to make the whole world smile, one cookie at a time!

Thoze Cookies! are our favorite thing and we hope they are now yours!